Alternative holidays on Kalymnos

 Holidays and courses of modern Greek, Italian, English and Serbian language on the island of Kalymnos!

Some people call it smart holidays and some alternative holidays. When you come and experience it, you will simply call it "unforgettable holidays"!

Crystal, clear and blue sea, rocky mountains, charming olive trees, "sunny", friendly and hospitable people, untouched colors and smells, tradition and different alternative activities (climbing, diving, trekking). A lot of small, hidden treasures to be discovered on Kalymnos!

The Calipso Project is created for the people who don't treat tourism as a "postcard" or as a usual destination of mass-tourism but as a journey of discovering new people, places and experiences.

The lessons of Greek, English, Italian and Serbian language are the frame of your holidays on the island of Apollo, of thyme and sponge divers, and will provide you a real approach to the island's life!

Programme 2012


We inform You that the Programme Calipso will be held


From 15th June to 30th September 2012




Lessons: 10 euros/hour (minimum 10 lessons/week)


Accommodation in studios: According to your request you will be situated in studios in the port Pothiacapital of the island of Kalymnos (from 30 to 40 euros/day) or in the tourist  seaside zones (from 35 to 50 euros/day).According your booking we will find the best option for you.


The school

 The lessons are going to be held in the School for foreign languages Prisma, situated in the very center of the port Pothia. All classroom are air conditioned and suitable for groups from 7 to10 students


General conditions

How to get to Kalymnos

Olympic Air - Aegean Airlines - Blue Star Ferries Greek Ferries Club - ANEM Ferries (Mastihari - Kalymnos - Mastihari)

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